Vodka Jelly Shots Ratio

For those of you shooters that are looking to avoid a recipe and simply go straight for the vodka jelly shot ration this is the information you’re looking for:

The max. ratio is 75% Vodka to 25% water


But please read bellow for an explanation of what this means and how you achieve it, because there are other factors and variables to take into account.

To begin with you need to know how much gelatin you’re dealing with, it comes in many forms:

  • Cubes of coloured, flavoured jelly of the type you will have been familiar with as a child
  • Falvoured powders – often sugar free
  • Pure gelatine powder – flavourless and colourless
  • Pure Gelatine sheets

And within those categories then the gelatin will have different strengths – with the pure gelatin sheets and powders then ┬áthese can be referred to as “bloom” and has numbers usually between 160 and 220 bloom – with the higher number having the maximum jelling power.

So, there is no easy way to describe the ration for vodka jelly shots, but there is a general pattern that will work.

Most gelatins and jellies will have instructions on the back for making jelly with water and you can use this as a guide.

Firstly note – there has to be hot water mixed with the gelatine at the start (regardless of the type you use) and this needs to fully dissolve, disperse and hydrate the jelly molecules time, heat and stirring/agitation all help with this.

Once the jelly is dissolved then it is safe to add the vodka.

I will assume you are using the standard 40% abv ┬ástrength vodka which already contains 60% water – if you are using a different strength of vodka you will need to adjust your recipe accordingly.

The maximum amount of vodka you can normally add and still achieve a set jelly is 75% of the total water added.

This depends upon the strength of the gelatin and also how much water it already contains – the cubes of jelly are already hydrated, whereas sheets and powders are not – so with pure, dry gelatin it is possible to push the percentage slightly higher, so adjust the ratio accordingly.

Other factor include acidity – if there is something acidic such as orange juice included in your shot then you are going to reduce the setting power of the gelatin slightly.

TOP TIP: do not disturb the jelly shots as they set

Consistency is key – so when you have a method and vodka jelly shot ratio that work for you, write it down and use it as the basis for and variations and tweaks that you wish to perform.



Please feedback to me with any extra information that you think you can add to this information.